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Meme Brooks Vancouver Interior Designer

At Meme Brooks Design, well-being is a central influence in every design decision we make. Our goal is to create a space that will help you feel your best and enjoy your home to the fullest.

Vancouver Interior Design

Meme Brooks Design is a collaboration of like minded people, driven by their love of design. Founded by Meme Brooks, her vision was to create a company that exceeds expectations every time.

Meme is able to express the clients’ personality within their space, making it seem impossible that they lived any other way. Her team offers the combined knowledge of hands-on design experience, close relationships with (select) vendors, and a passion for helping people fall in love with their living space.

Most individuals find renovating, redesigning, or moving to be stressful. However, Meme provides an easy and stress-free experience. Not only will MBD create the space you’ve always longed for, they’ll also show you how to utilize it (i.e. throwing a fantastic dinner party – just don’t tell your guests where you got that ricotta and parmesan fritter recipe from!)

The Meme Brooks Design Dream is creating a one-stop design shop for all customers:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Renovation
  • Working with contractors
  • Resizing
  • Colour and design expertise
  • Close relationship with vendors
  • Staging


The Meme Brooks Design motto is simple: “treat every client as if they were family.” It’s crucial that every customer feels special and taken care of from beginning to end. For however long the design process is scheduled for, the MBD team will be on your side.


Meme finds inspiration from many aspects of her life. Perfection to Meme is a well-designed room and elements of influence from the 1950s mid-century modern aesthetic. What many of us take for granted, Meme relishes in. For example, furniture made for body mechanics with textures and colours so big and bold, creating an unexpected end result (and comfortable too!).

Her design influencers come from the clean lines found in Frank Lloyd Wrights architecture, bright carefree colors found in Jonathan Adlers’ pottery, the creative diversity found in Martha Stewart’s design concepts, as well as many modern day builders who use environmentally conscious design plans.

Our Team

Meme Brooks

From: Southern, Ontario

Role at MBD: Owner/Operator & Lead Designer

Goal: To spread beauty, happiness and inspiration to everyone we deal with. And to be a positive business owner creating a difference in the world.

Biggest Achievement: Graduating interior design with presidential honours, 10 years of MBD in Vancouver, Decorating the Children’s Home Lottery Condo, Being the best darn Auntie & mum to our pup Freddie Mercury

Secret Skill: I can visually match any wall colour to the benjamin moore fan deck, I can throw a party together at the drop of a hat, Master b-ball rebounder.

Larissa Siqueira

From: Tropical, Brazil

Role at MBD: Home Stager Coordinator & Furniture Experts

Goal: to continue to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction while at the same time supporting our company in its endeavours

Biggest Achievement: Establishing a new life in Canada, Raising two amazing kids, Graduating from Interior Design school, Starting a passionate career in Home Staging

Secret Skill: Retired writer and singer, currently working on an epic come back

Destany Burant

From: Northern, Alberta

Role at MBD: Junior Designer, Project Coordinator.

Goal: Want to further my design career, gaining knowledge where possible

Biggest Achievement: Moving out to Vancouver on my own, Graduating from Interior Design and starting to build my life in this beautiful city.

Secret Skill: Master chef in disguise, I love to cook, it’s my side passion.

John Francois

From: Dublin, Ireland. Home to Guinness

Role at MBD: Home Stager & Furniture Install Specialist

Ultimate goal: Become a home stage specialist and inventory master for our ever growing warehouse

Biggest achievement: Relocating to Vancouver and being able to call this beautiful place my forever home

Secret skill: TV extra, I once played Man at bar, man drinking pint. I’m a barber.

Tracy Frenette

From: Vancouver

Role at MBD: Business Development, Administration and Event Management.

Goal: To create meaningful relationships and collaborate with new inspiring people to mutually enhance our businesses and lifestyle goals.

Biggest Achievement: Most fulfilling career was working as a recruiter for the IFRC Society (Individualized Funding Resource Centre Society). Filling caregiver roles for our clients with disabilities. I believe everyone deserves to have a relaxed cozy feeling at home and this program allowed my brother with cerebral palsy to benefit from the services greatly.

Secret Skill: Finding the perfect wine or cocktail for any occasion.


Meme Brooks Condo Living Vancouver

No Stranger to Good Advice

Meme has been featured as a Pro Designer in Western Living’s Condo Living magazine on multiple occasions offering answers to reader submitted questions. Have your personal design questions answered with an in-home consultation.

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