5 reasons for wallpaper


1.) Wallpaper adds depth. No matter how small the room or how dark the wall-covering, papering a space or wall gives the illusion your room is larger.

2.) Wallpaper pulls together a look. With the many options of colour and pattern you are bound to find the perfect paper to complete your space.


3.) Wallpaper can disguise an imperfect surface. Whether it’s shelves, a wall or a table top it’s an easy way to turn an unlovely piece into something you and your guests will be sure to adore.


4.) Wallpaper is a work of art. Turn your wall into an art installation for a fraction of what art really costs – An eight by ten wall will run you around $500 with installation included.

5.) Wallpaper is an expression of yourself. Now with the easy to install and easy to remove options there are no boundaries for letting your imagination soar. Choosing a pattern that suites your personality and lifestyle – at the time – is super simple and the effect it can have on your space is uplifting and inspiring for anyone who appreciates decor.

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