5 things to know while Staging in a pandemic!

I’ve been getting calls from Realtors asking, “are you still working?”, and I am thrilled to say… “Yes!” We are working, and have been helping people the best we can while following the strict guidelines of our Covid-19 lockdown. We are safe… but the staging and home sales must go on!

If you are thinking about selling, the housing inventory in Vancouver is very low right now, but there are still buyers out there searching the online listings daily. Now is a great time to get your home ready for the soon-to-be-busy late spring/early summer real estate market, and if you’re in a position to sell right now, you’ll need to put your very best foot forward. Here are some pointers to get moving!

Great photos mean everything

When selling during an unprecedented time like this, online photos are all that your potential buyers will have to imagine themselves in your place. You know that feeling when you look at a magazine photo, and every item and piece of furniture is in the perfect spot? That feeling of want and desire? Emotions are what drive sales, and these are the feelings that help to sell. This is exactly the feeling you need to create in your home to attract potential buyers. Many times, new potential buyers already know it’s the right home for them, just from a thorough look at the photos!

Curb appeal is the first impression of every potential buyer

It lets buyers know right off the bat if your home is well-maintained or not. A few suggestions: Pressure washed concrete pathways, clean edged grass, freshly turned garden dirt and plant colourful flowers in the beds, clean and paint railings, doors and exterior siding. All these items are easy to DIY and worth all of the effort you put in. Realtors are encouraging buyers to drive by properties and neighbourhoods before even asking for a showing.

Decluttering is always number one for all homes on the real estate market

The main point to focus on here is to clear out all of your personal belongings, such as: family photos, memorabilia, old wilted pillows, overly used bedding, towels and shower curtains, taxidermy (yes, I see lots!), family heirlooms, crowded knick knack shelves, food items on counters, personal hygiene products, jewelry stands… the list goes on. If you’re looking for great results, clear your energy from the space as much as possible, get your home ready for someone new and this will get you in the mindset of leaving your home. Imagine that feeling of walking into a hotel room (which has had hundreds of guests) – it’s clean and clear with fresh energy. You can imagine yourself living there, and all you need is your suitcase. Get it now?!

One suggestion for people who struggle with this: read the book “The Joy of Tidying Up”By Marie Kondo. It has changed the way I think and the way I help my clients.

Painting your walls is crucial to the staging process

Believe it or not, the colour on your walls is the most distracting thing for a potential buyer. This is because people, above anything else, hate to paint. Therefore, if you have a colour that is too personal it is a turn off. Paint all your walls a neutral colour like CC-80 Gray Mist or OC-23 Classic Gray.

Fill your home with as many “new” energy neutral items as possible!

We’ve found that purchasing the following items get great results, time after time:

  • Front entry mat
  • Fill a large bowl with one type of citrus fruit for your kitchen counter
  • Place fresh flowers on your dining table
  • Large throw pillows for your sofa
  • Fresh white towels, soap pumps and shower curtain in the bathrooms
  • A bedroom quilt and new pillow inserts for the shams

Also, adding a pop of colour in the pillows and art always make the space feel fresh. These new items rejuvenate and create that boutique “hotel” feeling. The new home vibe is so crucial for not only your photos, but when eventually in-person showings start to pick up again.

Are you ready to sell?

If your space is empty, you can follow most of the steps above to get your home ready for sale. If you would prefer a designer’s touch, we’re able to completely fill your space with all the items you need and layout each of your rooms to showcase their full potential. We can help you create that “hotel feeling” so many people desire.

In the current times of COVID-19, we’ve also been helping out homeowners and realtors by making ourselves the single point of contact for all trades and services involved in our home staging and renovation projects. Our client’s safety and well-being is important to us, so we’re doing our part to keep contact to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum!

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