9 Tips For Creating More Happiness At Home

We are spending a lot of time at home these days and with not being able to travel, why not create that vacation vibe at home? We are simply craving a new fresh experience with a splash of luxury. Yes, a big part of “vacation” means getting away from your everyday routine, but there is more to it than that. We have fallen in love with a curated look. Spending time in a space that has been pulled together with intention and having that distinct style with a point of view is instantly relaxing. Maybe even inspiring! Luxury is having the opportunity to create change and try new things. Creating this at home is easier than you think!

Tip 1: Hire a cleaner

Since travelling expenses may be greatly reduced this year, investing in a cleaner once or twice a month becomes more realistic. This will free up more of your time to do the things you love at a fraction of the price. Life is going by so fast and we need to make time for our health and happiness. Creating that relaxed feeling we are always aiming for and yes, you deserve it! Take that extra moment to check something off your list! Read that book, call that friend, take that yoga class or seriously, just take a nap. It’s your extra time! Also, hiring a cleaner is a great way to support a local business!

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Having a clean bright home can improve your mental state and increase productivity

Tip 2: Declutter

It’s a good habit to go through your things at least once a year and declutter. There are a lot of people in need right now, so we recommend donating to places in your community. In Vancouver the Covenant House is a great place to donate clothes and the Wildlife Thrift Store is great place for donating furniture. You can also sell pieces online: Marketplace, Craigslist, and Ebay, to name a few. Doing this can have a wonderful cleansing effect. If you are not ready to part with some of your belongings, we can at least try to organize and hide some of the mess.

Tip 3: Invest in more storage

To create a relaxing home, we need to first remove some of the stressors. I’m not talking about your partner or children, that’s a whole other blog. I’m talking the unpleasant clutter, odours and poor functionality. Creating a less busy space to rest and recharge. Keeping things out of sight that are still easily accessible is key. Invest in a new modern bed frame that provides storage. Adding extra cabinetry to enhance the beauty and style of a space can also improve the functionality. Our Kathleen Console has loads of storage with the perfect amount of sophistication and style. It’s a great addition to any living room, dining room or office space. Here are 500 storage solution ideas on Pinterest.

Kathleen is looking pretty sexy in this modern living room

Tip 4: Create a relaxing oasis at home

Cozy up your home by bringing the outdoors in. Scandinavian design is a great style known for their relaxing décor. They focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Here are 7 Scandinavian Design Principles and How to Use Them. Scandinavians deeply value nature and spending time outdoors. We can create a bit of this by bringing in earthy tones, greenery, and creating space to breath, clear your mind, and refocus. Incorporating some beautiful wood pieces and plants can bring a relaxing tone and keep you connected with nature.

This minimalistic approach and light tones have a dreamy affect with all the natural light
Elevated planters are a great way to add interest in a room

Tip 5: Elevate your home with a fresh coat of paint

Painting can make your space feel bigger and brighter, with an additional bonus of refreshing the air. I know, you probably think, “my home smells fine”. Yes, even your home may need a refresh. It’s from all those years of good cooking! This is a great way to elevate your space with that something new feeling. For the DIY painters, the hardest part is choosing the right colour. We love Benjamin Moore’s CC-80 Gray Mist for walls and CC-70 Dune White for trim and baseboards. This combination camouflages the old to feel like new…AND! it comes at a fraction of the cost of remodelling. You will wish you did it sooner!

A beautifully curated room is a great place to spend time and unwind

Tip 6: Add in new accessories

Add new pieces into your home, but don’t forget to remove some old ones. Combine your accessories together in odd numbers to create more interest. Have some of your artistic photos professionally framed to add a unique personalized look. Refresh those sad old pillows and breathe new life into your space! A few of our favorite stores with a wide range of decorative pillows at any budget are Designers Guild, MBD Collection, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Home Sense. Incorporating fresh flowers on your bedside table is a wonderful touch that can also help with a more restful sleep. Lavender is known for its natural relaxing aroma, Pink Jasmine can make the room more inviting, and Gardenias will help your room smell clean and fresh. Any of your favorite flowers will do the trick.

Designer pillows are a nice touch in this inviting bedroom oasis.
Loving this throw blanket and pastel coloured pillows

Tip 7: Less is more

I know it might seem fun to see all of your favorite things at all times, but you will appreciate your special items more in a well curated space. Switch your accessories up more often and be selective with your arrangements to create new visuals regularly. Remember, less is more. Not every mantle or shelf needs something on it and not every space needs to be filled. The minimalist design trend is gaining speed as people seek to be more zen. Décor is a great way to achieve this.

Artwork is one of our favorite accessories
This modern sophisticated bedroom is so inviting

Tip 8: Move your furniture around

Change is good and it doesn’t always mean you need to open your wallet to get it. Not only is moving your furniture around more stimulating for the eye, it gives you an opportunity to deep clean and refresh. It also saves your flooring by mixing up the high wear and traffic patterns. Create a new view to wake up to in the morning by moving your bed to a different wall. A fresh outlook could bring on that something new feeling we all love at no cost but your sweat and hard work.

Our Katy with a “Y” Floral chairs are perfect for elevating a space with a pop of colour
Loving this wallpaper and all the little touches that are bringing an elegance to this space.

Tip 9: Know when to ask an expert for help

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the time and energy to think about home improvements, let alone making them happen. Yet our families keep growing, priorities are constantly changing, and we realize we can’t ignore the disfunction any longer.

Great interior design can transform your lifestyle. No matter how small your home or condo, there is always room to improve functionality and comfort without sacrificing style. A consultation with us will help you get on track. One of our designers will do a two hour walk through of your home, spend time understanding your personal style and what best suits the space. We will also provide you with a detailed spec sheet of design tips, finishes, furniture, accessories, and where to buy them. We’ll give you all the tools to DIY at your own pace. If you are not a DIY person or are just too busy, we would love to handle your project for you, from beginning to end. Visit us at www.memebrooks.com for more information and to book your consultation. You can also check out our Design Gallery for more inspiration. Feel free to follow us on Facebook (Meme Brooks Design) and Instagram (@memebrooksdesign). Then, order in something new for dinner!

— Tracy Frenette, 9 Tips For Creating More Happiness At Home, Meme Brooks Design.

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