Bad weather = Great Soup.

With fall setting in and torrential rain fall on the way, there is nothing better than getting home and warming up with a hot cup of soup. One of my favorite food groups I was more than impressed with myself when my Butternut squash soup recipe turned out to be fantastic!

It’s a definite must try and it only took me… Not that long to create 🙂
Start with:
1 Oven roasted in 1/2 butternut squash
While roasting:
1 large Spanish onion roughly chopped and sautéed in a spoonful of butter
1 peeled and chopped medium sweet potato
2 peeled and quartered apples of choice, sauté some more.
A couple pinches of rosemary
A couple grinds of rock salt
2 cartons of chicken or vegetable stock
A dash of cinnamon
Bring all to a boil and add butternut squash when softened, it’s easier to peel that way.
Get out your handheld zap blender or do as I do and scoop into the magic bullet to blend.
Crack the pepper before serving and just enjoy the soft combination of falls finest ingredients.

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