Coleman stove bliss


Beautiful Cat Lake, just north of Squamish is a hot spot for camping and catching sun rays while floating around on the crystal clear water. The sites are private and equipped with fire pits and a picnic table. All you need for a fun weekend with friends and of course delicious camping meals!


It all started with a vision – rustic, summer, wholesome sharable that was easy to plan and easy to carry into the campsite. Mussels to me, scream (I hope they don’t feel a thing!) ultimate summer beach food.

Here’s how it’s done:
-Acquire a large pot
-Dice one large sweet onion
-Mince 6-8 garlic cloves
-Dice up 3 large tomatoes
-Melt 1/4lb of butter in large pot
-Add ingredients and simmer till it smells delish and onions are browning
-Add 1 can of ‘Hunt’s’ dice tomatoes
-Add 1/3 bottle of white wine
-Bring to a full boil for a couple mins.
-Add your mussel bounty (I had 5lbs)
-Cover for 5-7 mins on simmer until all the shells have opened
-Eat with mini fork, dip your crusty bread and drink the sauce because it’s Soooo good!

Side of peaches and cream corn on the cob is a nice touch 🙂

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