How To Create Masculine Style Video

In this video, we discuss how to create a masculine style for the ultimate bachelor pad with these key tips:

  1. Leather Furniture: If you love it, then splurge! Make sure to purchase a couch that’s good quality and will get better with age.
  1. Mixed Finishes: If you’re going with a leather sofa, add fabric chairs or mix and match a wood table with metal legs.
  1. Balance Interiors: Texture adds warmth to your space. This means throw pillows, area rugs, textured wallpaper and a cozy wool blanket.
  1. Have Fun With Home Accessories: Find things you love and place them in key locations – these decor items make for great conversation starters.

Most importantly, if you can’t remember any of these steps or are too busy to do the shopping yourself, give Meme Brooks Design a call and we’ll do the work for you! The best money spent is on piece of mind.

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xoxo Meme

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