Easy & Fun Holiday Centrepieces

Making Your Centre Piece is Easy!

You can impress your friends by making your very own green centre piece this year, it’s easy, fun and you can find almost everything in your Canadian backyard.  Follow my simple steps to create a holiday centrepiece that is versatile to use on your dining table, fireplace mantle or front door!

What you will need:

  • Garden sheers
  • Thin floral wire
  • Wet floral foam
  • Plastic centrepiece tray
  • Plastic candlestick holder
  • *Items found at local craft store!
  • Evergreen branches


  • Get the kids to collect greenery from your back yard or visit your local garden centre and buy branches of pine, fir, white oak, aromatic cedar, juniper and pine cones.
  • Cut branches into smaller limbs
  • Cut floral foam to fit plastic tray size and soak till dense with water
  • Once floral foam is secure in the tray, stab candle holder right in the middle of the floral foam
  • Starting from the bottom of the tray, stick longest limbs into sides of floral foam (the longer the stems more bushy your centrepiece)
  • Fill in all floral foam with greenery and sick smaller shorter stems closer to the top to give a full look
  • Top off your arrangement with pine cones and a candle stick
  • *Don’t forget to water your arrangement and blow out candles before they get too low!

Enjoy your holidays with family, friends and lots of cheers 🙂

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