Fall Into Winter With 5 Easy Steps

Fall is here and the colder weather has come with it! Now is the time for warmer coats, wrap scarves and lots of layers. While the scenery looks beautiful with different coloured leaves falling to the ground, we know that winter isn’t too far away. Just because it’s colder outside, doesn’t mean your home has to look as dark as it looks outside.

Here are some tips to ease your way into winter:

1. Pack up outdoor furniture

If you can’t store indoors make sure all fabric cushions are sealed in large garbage bags and kept off the ground. Stack the outdoor furniture pieces and wrap them with a plastic tarp. This will make unpacking them very easy for next Spring with the least amount of preparation time; allowing you to use your lawn chairs as quickly as possible!

Tarp Furniture


2. Clean out your gutters

When Fall arrives, all the leaves come with it. Especially living in rainy Vancouver, it is very important to clean out your gutters because the water needs to flow out properly or else the soggy leaves and overflow of rainwater can ruin the exterior of your home. For help, call Brent from Imagine Maintenance to properly maintain your gutters.



3. Replace Summer flowers with hardy Fall flowers

Get rid of those withered flowers and replace them with mums, snapdragons, flowering kale, cabbage and johnny jump-ups (which are edible as well!). Plant them all in one container to give your garden instant impact! Giving the front of your house some curb appeal and they will last all the way into winter until it starts to snow.

Mum Flowers


4. Service your fireplace

Whether you have gas or wood burning it is so important for fire prevention to have your fireplace checked by a professional once a year. It also helps when you’re selling or renting your home to have a recent certificate of inspection. Plus, you can snuggle up in front with a nice glass of wine on a cold night’s day!

Meme Brooks Design


5. Cozy blankets & furry pillows

Imagine watching a movie on a cold rainy day, trust us when we say you’ll be thankful to have a warm blanket to snuggle with and some furry pillows to keep you warm! These added items will really bring the room together and make your home feel so cozy.

fuzzy pillows


We hope these tips have made the approach of winter less daunting and more exciting!

Let us know if any of these steps have helped you stay warm by commenting below.

Meme Brooks Design Inc. Team



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