Floral Assistant

The last few days have been an amazing learning experience! Being Deb’s apprentice creating floral arrangements is not only knowledge I can carry with me through my wedding and party planning career, but I also am my sister’s florist/maid-of-honour at the end of June.

Day one started on the back of a floral delivery truck – all the flower numbers have been worked out months in advance, we just went daisy picking!

Space planning, colour and balance – I’m quite capable!… Not easy, but Deb says I’m a natural 🙂 I will be using these cherub lamp bases and attempting to Duplicate for Katy’s big day.

We prepped all 21 table pieces and got ready for the intense day to follow. Oh, and enjoyed a margarita after all our hard work!

Day two was Billy Button boutonnieres, family pin-ons, bridal corsages and the brides tropical inspired bouquet.



The work is far from over, but we are all prepared to ship to the venue and complete the table centerpieces and decor – day of mad rush!

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