How To Decorate Your Bathroom!

According to an article by Distractify, the average person spends 1.5 years in the bathroom. With that much time spent inside one particular room, it should be a place of serenity and peace. Here’s how to decorate your dream bathroom!

  1. Bathroom Accessories: Matching toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and dish bowl. You can go to your local Homesense and pick up a matching set for a very affordable price.
  1. Spa-inspired Accessories: Always have one piece of greenery in each bathroom like a small plant. You can also add nicely folded towels, special soaps, marble rocks, and lotion around the bathtub.
  1. Shower Curtain: There should be two layers; the inside to protect from splashing and the outer layer to match the colour of your bathroom accessories. For example, if you have a silver toothbrush holder, look for a silver design on a shower curtain.
  1. Candles: These are essential for every bathroom. A soft, floral smell is best to create a soothing environment. It’ll also be useful to cover any unwanted odors.
  1. Soft Towels: There should be at least one bath, one hand, and one face towel in every bathroom. Nicely fold them on top of each other for aesthetics. You can select a monochrome colour scheme, or mix and match with neutrals (unless your bathroom is a specific colour like blue, in which case you’d like to have turquoise towels to match).
Bathrooms Styled by Meme Brooks

By using all of these tips, now you too can have a bathroom that looks like it was styled by a professional! The most important thing is to not have all of your items lying around and keep them hidden in the cupboards and drawers. With just a few essential accessories, your bathroom can be that “happy place” you’ve been looking for!

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