How To Fold Your Bathroom Towels Like a Hotel!

Every time you walk into a hotel bathroom, you’re always left with the feeling of serenity. Not to mention, you probably wish your bathroom looked that nice as well! Making your bathroom look absolutely beautiful always starts with the towels! Watch my new video to find out how to perfectly fold your towels! For more tips and tricks to creating the perfect bathroom style, make sure to check out my other blog, “How To Decorate Your Bathroom“!

Step 1: Fold the largest towel in 3 sections


Step 2: Fold it into 3 parts


Step 3: Add a smaller white coloured towel folded the same way on top.


Step 4: Add a smaller towel with a solid colour on top of the white middle towel.


Ta-da! Now you’re bathroom towels look amazing, just like at a hotel! Here are some other options for folding towels like a pro.



Make sure to take photos of your amazing bathroom towels and post them on social media using the hashtag #MemesBathroomTowelTricks.

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