How To Make a Feather Christmas Tree Decoration

Watch my video to see how easy it is to make your own feather Christmas tree decorations this holiday season!

All you’ll need:

  • white bristol board (1 sheet per tree)
  • white feathers
  • white glue (and a brush to apply)
  • sparkles
  • scissors
  • tape

Roll up the bristol board into a cone, tape, and trim up the bottom to make it sit evenly. Next, brush on some white glue to the bottom half of the cone. (Start at the bottom because you’ll want the feathers to overlap each other as you build to the top.) Add feathers all in the same direction and layer liberally for a nice full look.

When you reach the top, and some feathers to hide the hole in the top of the cone and give it a peaked look. Next, take extra feathers, brush them with glue and dip in glitter for a nice shimmery detail. Just a few of these will do, spread out evenly around your tree.

Add some of your own flair by using pearls, sequins, beads, and ornaments to show your Holiday spirit!
Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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