How To Make A Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement!

Ready to express your love and appreciation toward a special person in your life? Do it with flowers!

I’ll show you how to make a creative tea cup floral arrangement for Valentine’s day (…or any special occasion).

You’ll need:

  • Something reusable to build your arrangement in (we’re using coffee mugs from HomeSense)
  • Green floral foam (you can find at a dollar store or craft store)
  • A variety of flowers and greenery from your local florist or garden

How to do it:

  1. Soak the floral foam so its nice and heavy with water, and cut to size so it fits snuggly into your container.
  2. Start with some small flowers (like babies breath) and fill in the base. Cut them short and stick them around the edge of the foam.
  3. Add some greenery in to help hide the floral foam. Hint: When cutting your floral pieces, cut on an angle so the stem will stick into the foam easily.
  4. Continue adding flowers of various sizes into the foam to round out your arrangement.
  5. Add in a rose to top it off!

That’s it! Try it yourself and impress your partner this Valentine’s day!

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