How to Make Your Home Look Stunning All The Time

Want your home to look pleasing to the eye, especially when you’re having guests over? We have the simple yet powerful trick. The Pillow Fluff. This trick gets missed all the time, and can make a huge impact!

Firstly, you need to make sure the corners are seamless and firm. Unzip your pillow cover and reach for the corners of your pillow stuffer to match the corners of your cover, exactly like your duvet! Once all the corners are present, it’s time to fluff! This is the fun part, that even the kids can even join in on ( a simple, yet fun chore). Give your pillow a throw, a punch and even a toss on the ground to get those feathers fluffed and puffed.

Now it’s time to position your full looking pillow. We always suggest layering your pillows to make the sofa look more inviting and cozy. Place your neutral colour pillow on the sofa and add your patterned designer pillow in front; on a slight angle, so your neutral pillow shows it’s side and colour.

Pull the corners tight, or give your pillow a nice karate chop right in the middle. Poof! You’ve got a full, fluffy, cozy looking sofa to snuggle up on, or to give your home a little flair for the guests!

Find our step by step video below to give your home that extra pop!

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