Labyrinth Fairy Tale Wedding

One of the great things about my job is making people’s dreams come true.

On October 31st in historic Strathcona, Vancouver, we had the pleasure of decorating the perfect Fairy Tale Wedding. To see the couple’s faces light up when they entered the masquerade ball – made the almost 2 months of effort and planning, instantly worth it.

No detail was missed – even down to the authentic looking Goblin Prince officiator! Here’s a few of before and afters – enjoy!

Meme Brooks Labyrinth Celing Decor

Influenced by David Bowie’s hit 80’s film ‘The Labyrinth’ – we strove to create a dream-like state. To achieve this, we created mystery and sumptuous texture with draped walls and hanging sculptures. Then, after the ceremony, guests descended to an enchanted forest-themed dinner.

Meme Brooks Wedding Labyrinth Dinner

While much is of course put into the design itself, equally important is logistics! Thankfully, planning and hard work prevailed and everything went up and then came down in the same day. Whew!

Strathcona Hall – Before
Feather & Moss ball creations
Meme hard at work on center pieces

Planning for months, crafting for weeks, then spraying, carving and arranging pumpkins for days … it all culminated in a 20hr marathon run by acclaimed wedding coordinator Nicole Turcotte (from Down the Aisle) and I – but darn was it fun!

Pumpkin vase
Floral center pieces


A fabulous, super unique experience for 200 friends and family in disguise. Moments like this are priceless.

Strathcona hall – After
Halloween theme wedding


All the very best to the happy newly weds and their little gremlin Henry!

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