How-To Make a Spring Floral Arrangement

The trees are budding and the flowers are in bloom, feels like wonderful spring here in Vancouver. Wish I could say the same for my friends and family in Ontario still stuck with snow on their front yards. Adding flowers to any room brightens the mood and adds much needed colour to welcome spring! I will be showing you an easy step-by-step way to create a wee garden in your home with cut flowers and greenery.

What you need to start What you need to start

Things to start with:
-Flowers and greenery of choice – I find my flowers from Whole Foods, Costco or local markets in Vancouver
-A pretty container – Flower pots from the garden centre or Home Sense are my favourite places to look
-Floral foam – Make sure it’s the ‘wet’ type, dollar stores usually have them
-Plastic – To water proof your container, would hate to see your dining table get ruined!
-Snippers – Garden sheers, sharp scissors or floral knife

Create a base Create a base

1.) First you want to soak the floral foam – cut a block of foam to fit your container and drown it in your sink for ten minutes or until all the air is out. I like to sprinkle the flower food package in there as well, it may keep your arrangement fresher for longer.
TIP: Clean any dead or brown leaves or petals off as you go.

2.) Line your container with plastic and place or squeeze your foam into it’s place.
TIP: Also a good time to water the foam a bit to ensure it’s filled to capacity.

Build your base Build your base

3.) The fun begins by building a base for your flower garden. Cut greenery into short pieces and stab into the floral foam starting around the edge and working your way into the middle being sure to camouflage any foam and plastic.
TIP: Try not to make many mistakes, when you create a hole in the foam it will not fill back in, making it hard to secure the stems in the arrangement.

Building more base Building more base

4.) Once you have used your greenery up and you’ve done your camouflaging your ready to move to the next phase, Adding flowers. Start with your least colourful flowers, cut stems a little longer than the greenery and insert into your arrangement creating balance from every angle.
TIP: Cut stems longer than you think because you can always trim or push down into the foam.

Adding colour Adding colour

5.) Every design scheme starts with a base and colour is layered in! Next step is adding the colourful flowers – use the same philosophy as step #4 balance is key to ensure your arrangement looks fab from all angles.
TIP: Cut thick stems on an angle to create a spear to easily stab into the foam.

Gorgeous arrangement! Gorgeous arrangement!

Follow these simple steps and you can surprise yourself and your loved ones with special floral arrangements all year long!

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