Mid-Century/Retro Style

What’s your signature style?

One of the things we love about our team is each member has their own unique style which helps us curate designs for many different clients. We strive on being able to achieve our clients design dreams by taking in their style, favourite colour palettes and turning these into reality. With our team being diverse in style trends, we are able to exude knowledge from one another to create a unique and beautiful design for whichever style you fall into!

Our team member, Lauren’s signature style is “Mid-Century/Retro”. In her designs, she likes to use different woods, such as walnut, teak and oak. She has no problem finding a way to incorporate different types of woods into a design without it looking to mix-matched.

Materials mean a lot in her design; bamboo, wicker, wood, linen, ceramics & leathers are her go-to’s. Here is an example of a design where she has mixed all her favourite textures and tones.

The colour palette in this signature style are more earthy, natural colours with a pop of accent colours to finish it off. If you’re looking to create this style, here are our favourite Benjamin Moore colours:

Now the question, where are the best places to shop to find furnishings for this style? Well MBD to start! We also have some great suppliers like Surya, who has great pillows that fit in with our style. West Elm, CB2, Ikea(stepping their game up!) and of course local vintage shops.
Photo Courtesy of Surya

Love these pillows as much as we do? Let us know and we can source some for you!

The last thing to tie this design style in are plants, and lots of them! We get our plants from our great friends locally in Gastown; Kermodi. Their plants are always so green and lush and seem to last a lifetime (or maybe that’s our green thumb).

Kermodi Living Art ; Gastown

We’d love to help you create your signature style in your home, office, business, commercial or retail space!

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