Modern Macrame and Living Art

I feel so excited to share these two exceptional artisans and their locally-made products with you.

Thank you to Jolynn from Saige & Skye and to Chris from Kermodi – your products are a match made in heaven! Just love the look and elegance of these hanging pieces of “living art”.

The plants and decorative bases from Kermodi are the perfect option for busy professionals and frequent travellers. They require very little attention and look amazing! While these living art designs from Kermodi can stand on their own, what better way to bring them attention than hanging them at eye-level with a beautiful macrame design from Saige & Skye.

Saige & Skye produces exceptional hand-made macrame designs built for holding plants as well as for stand-alone wall decor. Be sure to check out their websites for more product info!

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