New Year New Colours

Colour Stories, a Full-Spectrum Colour Colection by Benjamin Moore – is the new series, or chapters should I say, of select hues to choose from at Benjamin Moore stores.

Inspired by nature and the senses’ is the tag line used to describe how each hue was discovered and how it tells a story. Nature also is a true representation of how the colours were created. Full-spectrum colours are obtained by only using hues produced by natural light, a rainbow, with out the use of black or gray.

The Grey’s, which the fan book is boasting with, all come true to hue without (not one) any use of grey pigment… Am I telling too much? The difference separating these colour story colours from past colours, is that they come to life on your walls. Secretly Revealing the undertones through out the day and in different situations, some times upto seven in one story!
Fresh on the market, not even available in Canada yet, the Benjamin Moore creations will change the way you look at colours. Your walls will come to life as the light reflecting creates illusion, depth and vibrancy. Colour chips will be available in Vancouver soon, until then I will be testing out some beautiful new hues in beautiful Vancouver spaces.

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