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Are you looking to spruce up your home but stuck on what you should buy and where? Well, let us help you get over that hump! We have put together a list of our favourite items from our local suppliers. 

We love the connections we have with our wholesalers and the relationships/customer service expertise that comes along with it. When working with a client who is looking for furniture, textiles or accessories, we always suggest items from our local suppliers. It’s important for us to know exactly where the product is coming from before we sell it to our clients and knowing there is a great service team behind the product for any help or assistance we may need.

These are our favourite sofas/sectionals, our clients love them too! One of our suppliers, Article, is great because their furniture pieces come in a variety of fabrics/colours to choose from, and have an exceptional sales & delivery team! 

1. Sven Leather Sofa (Article) 2. Sven Fabric Sofa (Article) 3. Nova Sectional (Article) 4. Cloud Sectional (Meme Brooks Design)

Ahh, Beds! It can be so hard to find the bed you’re picturing in your head to tie the bedroom together. These are our favourites from multiple suppliers ranging from Mid-Century, Farmhouse, Rustic and Modern/Contemporary.

1.  Nera Bed w/Nightstands (Article) 2. Justin Storage Bed (Style In Form) 3. Cloe Upholstered Bed (Once a Tree)


Finding the perfect dining chair can be such a pain since there are SO many options out there. We have compiled a list of our favourites and clients favourites! We have tested out all these bad boys and the quality and comfort is wonderful.

1. Zola Dining Chair (Article) 2. Chanel Dining Chair (Article) 3. Sede Dining Chair (Article) 4. Thames Chair (Style in Form) 5. Long Beach Chair (Meme Brooks Design) 6. Cairo Seat (Style in Form)
7. Zak Dining Chair (Mobital) 8. Sundried Dining Chair (LH Imports) 9. Lauren Tufted Chair (LH Imports) 10. Napoleon Chair (LH Imports)

Here are our top 3 dining tables to fit any style!

1. Conan Dining Table (Article) 2. Flute Dining Table (Style In Form) 3. Pedestal Dining Table (Canadel)

Accent chairs, oh this list could go on! These are our favourite chairs to spunk up your living space. Time to invite your friends over.

1. Rio Cool Arm Chair (LH Imports) 2. Story Chair (Meme Brooks Design) 3. Lazy Lauren (Meme Brooks Design) 4. Otio Lounge Chair (Article) 5. Ethan Swivel Chair (Style In Form)

There is something about a rug that really ties a space together perfectly. Here are the best sellers. Whether you love a colourful rug, or a plain fuzzy one, we can get these in almost every size.

1. Haven Rug (Surya) 2. Amsterdam Rug (Surya) 3. Berber Shag Rug (Surya) 4. Pune Rug (Surya) 5. Dahlina Rug (Designers Guild) 6. Bosquet Carbone (Designers Guild)
7. Caretti Rug (Designers Guild) 8. Dorsoduro Rug (Designers Guild)

Light up your life.

1. Mist Pendant (Surya) 2. Mortimer (Surya) 3. Bellair Pendant (Surya) 4. Jules Pendant (Surya)  5. Carthage Lamp (Surya) 6. Darby Lamp (Surya) 7. Bryant Lamp (Surya) 8. Foreman Lamp (Surya)
9. Enigma Lamp (Surya)

Snow? In Vancouver? For a week? Cozy up with these snuggle buddies.

1. Anika Cushion (Surya) 2. Coventry Cushion (Surya) 3. Hanneli Cushion (Surya) 4. Shanghai Garden Ecru Cushion (Designers Guild) 5. Vespertina Cushion (Designers Guild)

Love of any of these products? We’d be more than happy to provide you with information on these and how to get them for your space!



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