Step by Step Raclette

What a wonderful way to cozy up with the ones closest to you, sharing food and a fun way to cook it!
Raclette is a popular social meal originally enjoyed in Switzerland, France and Germany. The experience is well worth it for the host as well as guests for the prep work is done in advance, freeing the host to enjoy cooking with the group instead of slaving over the stove.

A few steps to ensure a perfect Raclette party!

1.) Get a raclette! – We borrow from the neighbours.
2.) Get creative with cheese – Raclette cheese is available at Costco, but if it melts its ideal.
3.) Favorites eaten with the cheese are cured meats, boiled potatoes, pickled onions and gherkins – We get inspired every time with new mini meals, such as pasta, pizza, prawns, grilled veggies and different cheeses… If it tastes good with melted gooey cheese then it’s worth the try.
4.) Serve Carlsberg, Heineken or Lawenbrau beer to keep it authentic.
5.) If your not to full after dinner, the raclette combos perfectly with chocolate fondu.


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