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A lot of us city-dwellers have come to the reality that city living entails us to condo living-in a studio apartment! The thought of living in one giant room does give a lot of people anxiety, frustration and an overwhelming “lack of space” feeling.

Well, with our experience in decorating, designing and living in a studio personally at one time or another, we have all the tips and tricks that will enhance your space, get rid of that cramped feeling and let us live large. Like we always say, less is more!

The #1 rule that we have when living in a studio apartment is – organization. When living in one open space, it can get that cramped feeling if items don’t have a “home”. Floating shelves, organizational units and furniture pieces with built-in storage are your best friends! We recommended the below bed from one of our awesome suppliers Style In Form for a stylish, affordable bed with hidden storage!

Another tip we have is to create rooms or areas; within the room! Dividing the room into a bedroom/living space will make all the difference in a studio. The best way to “zone out” the square footage is to separate the areas by using area rugs or room dividers! See examples below of how we transformed the space to reflect different living areas and room purposes.

One other thing we recommended when living in a small space is to try and get furniture that creates an “airy” feeling. What we mean by this is furniture that is lifted up off the ground, legs that let the natural line shine underneath to make the space feel more open and bright.

Our furniture line was created for small spaces, targeted to people like you and me who love city living and will sacrifice our homes square footage to gain more city action and convenience! See below our collection and how we can make your space shine!

Mini Cloud Sectional
Kathleen Console

Need some further advise on how to make your studio feel grand? We’d be more than happy to help!

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