Successful Thanks-giving

My love for colour translates through out my whole life. This Thanks-giving I was anxious to create – and create I did!



Mini pumpkins gutted and lined with Saran Wrap, soak floral foam and cut to fit then get creative with colour and floral textures!
Cocktails and food are a favorite way to express my creative side.

Classic Champagne cocktail: start with chilled flute glass, place sugar cube and soak generously with bitter of choice, cover cube with Cognac, squeeze a orange peel into glass so oils lightly spray sides of glass, slowly fill glass with champagne and garnish with orange zest!
Padron peppers A simple and healthy appie: coat peppers in olive oil, sauté on medium high heat till the peppers are blacked (caramelized) grind the best sea salt money can buy you generously, then enjoy the heat and to beat the heat have a cool veggie like red peppers chopped and easy for access!

Have fun with food service like using small pumpkins as butternut squash or creamed cauliflower soup bowls!

Tip, warm bowls in oven before serving.


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