To Sheen or Not to Sheen

Eggshell? no I said white paint’…. One topic that can be a bit confusing, what sheen where.  After years of working with Benjamin Moore it’s one confusion worth discussion, Yes, eggshell can be a colour but also is the most popular sheen for your walls. Lightly shiny, careful not to highlight imperfections but durable enough to be wiped and sometimes scrub, eggshell reflects just enough light  so your room has that certain sparkle, it’s the perfect sheen for regular walls that aren’t to damaged.

Also popular the soft velvety look of flat for the walls, perfect for heritage home walls, the lath and plaster’s not so perfect characteristics.  Benjamin Moore offers two washable flats the Aura flat and the Collection Ulti-matte, Aura has a slight higher shine but both excellent for camouflaging imperfections.

Ultra-flat for all ceilings. Pearl and semi-gloss, most durable for trim, doors and baseboards – the areas in your home that take the most abuse. High-gloss for those contemporary lacquered pieces in your space, when sprayed gives a glass effect. The higher the sheen the higher the durability.

So next time you enter the paint shop and the person serving you asks “would like eggshell with that”, it’s not them inquiring about your colour. We are suggesting a 30% low shine paint finish that is most acceptable and recommended for regular walls in your home.

Happy painting!

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