Using Wallpaper in Design

Most people think of the wallpaper as being outdated, a thing of the past and the first thing that comes to mind is grandmas house. Well, let us be the first to tell you that wallpaper is IN STYLE and really has never gone out. We can for sure say that wallpaper has taken a giant leap in its industry in the sense that there are so many different materials, application processes, and patterns that we could have never imagined before. You no longer have to worry that when the time comes for change, your entire wall will be damaged by the paper removal. Times are progressing and so is wallpaper!

We love to include wallpaper in our designs, which adds that perfect pop to a space. Of course, it’s very circumstantial on the design, room size and project, for us to determine the perfect wallpaper and appropriate square footage. Our team tends to use wallpaper in small powder rooms and picks the perfect accent wall in a larger room for the wallpaper to expand the room with colour, texture and design.
Here are some examples of recent wallpaper installations our team has done to give you that extra inspo for your next project!
Need some help with your next wallpaper project? We know the best spots to get your unique wallpaper and can share all our tips and tricks. Even some DIY secrets!
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