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Why Sell For Less Than Maximum Value?

When you are selling a property only two things matter - you get the maximum sale price and it sells fast.

This is where staging comes in.

Staged homes sell for up to 15% more an estimated four times faster. On a home valued at $1M this means $150K more in your pocket – approximately 800% return on investment.

We like those numbers! Bet you do too.
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We help to attract serious buyers to your property.

By using modern, clean and well organized furniture and accessories, our home staging service makes your property look its absolute best. Home buyers want a place they can imagine as their own, and we help them see that vision.

Why Staging Works

People buy homes based on how they feel. They are buying an opportunity for a better life.
Without staging, people view a home through the lens of your life. They start imaging whether they want your life, rather themselves in the home. Simply said, your life becomes a distraction to the sale and devalues the property.

Staging is especially important in condos and other small spaces. Freshly staged homes feel bigger by making the most of the space. The property’s best features are accentuated through cohesive, clever design.

The buyers start imaging themselves living in the home which creates a powerful desire to own the property.

Staging is easy – we do all the heavy lifting. Literally.

Once you engage us, we can do everything from moving and storing your existing furniture, design, repairs, renovations, painting, and decorating.

We offer three types of staging:

#1. For Realtors

Home Staging Consultations For Real Estate Agents

Stand out on MLS and get more buyers through the door with 90 minute hands-on staging consultations.

We’ll breath new life into properties by working with your sellers to rework furniture arrangements, accessories, and artwork to help boost value before it goes on the market.
Find out more about our Home Staging Consultation Packages For Real Estate Agents

Staging Consultation

#2. Full Service

Full Staging Package

When you are committed to the best sale price for your property we can design, coordinate, and deliver a customized staging package including:

  • Complimentary site visit
  • Detailed proposal
  • Delivery and placement of all pieces
  • Swift removal of everything after sale

A complete makeover in less than a day!

#3. Spruce Up

Partial Stage Package

We select, deliver, and place artwork, cushions, books, floral, bedding, area rugs and/or lighting to add a layer of style to your property.

An affordable alternative to full staging.

Get started with an on-site staging consultation

All of our home staging projects start with an on-site consultation which has been designed to deliver exceptional value.

$299 + GST

All of Our Home Staging Consultations Include:

  • A ninety minute on-site meeting with the Meme Brooks Design team to assess the property
  • An organized list of tasks and items that we will do to help the property sell faster

Enquire about our Home Staging Consultations

I just wanted to thank you so much for your time today. I feel so inspired and so happy that I have a new direction with my house. I really think it will be a very uplifting change for us and I love how the colours compliment what is already here for floors, etc. I also really like your design ideas such as the changes to the front room with the mantle, lighting, texture, feature wall in living and then down with the change in paint colour for the fireplace, etc. So excited!!

Karen, Vancouver, BC

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